Inspire A rewild experience One of our core principles is inspiring and encouraging visitors to connect with a new circular lifestyle. At Masia Piu you will naturally become aware of things you don’t usually think of consciously, and you will learn by doing: how to grow crops for example, how to use the natural cycles […]


Restore Growing into a healthy relationship with the earth Whilst working closely with nature, we regenerate 41 acres of land and forest into a self-sufficient sustainable wonderland. Our farming principles increase biodiversity and enrich the soils. Water is a crucial element in this process. We apply permaculture methods to manage the water flow. Moreover, we […]


Connect Building a fruitful future together At Masia Piu you’ll touch base again, you’ll open up to all your senses and start reconnecting to your own inner nature. Being in close relationship with the land, the plants and the stars, will help you to grow roots, replenish your energy, discover your deeper longings and gain […]