Welcome to Masia Piu!

We are an innovative permaculture coworking movement with a circular design approach to restore land, forest, and animals, inspire and connect people through experiences and hold a shared economy philosophy.

Our mission is to build a sustainable, healthy and abundant society, for us, our grandchildren and beyond. Be ‘changemakers’ by inspiring people, communities and sharing sustainable and circulair ecosystem information, worldwide.

Masia Piu holds 3 core principles:




We hope to inspire you to connect
with this new circular life


When you visit Masia Piu you become part of our community. By our ‘shared economy philosophy’ you donate your contribution to Masia Pius’ greater whole. Masia Piu has many open projects and you donate to that project you connect with. With a creative approach, we create new solutions to old problems. It’s not about money, it’s about sharing. You pay in green! What is the benefit? 

Your donation benefits Masia Piu´s ecosystem with its biodiversity! You restore land, forest, animals and even humans.

For example: you can be a proud owner of many bees, some fruit trees or be the solution to a water problem. We share many possibilities.

It’s up to you You are the change maker.