masia piu


A true creative off-grid Spanish rural farm for Digital / Artistic Nomads, backpackers, families with children and everybody else.

A silent retreat to catch your breath, reconnect, work on your projects or simply be you, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Whatever it may be, at Masia Piu you will have the peace of mind that you will achieve your goals, whilst meeting new people and having fun – all within a serene and natural environment, only 1 hour away from the city of Barcelona.

At Masia Piu, we are passionate about preserving nature, conserving our energy use and reducing our carbon footprint. A place to understand the basics of off-grid and sustainable living. We aim you to leave the retreat with a better sense of what resources you use and what can be reduced.

Everyone is invited to stay at Masia Piu. A place where you can be who you are.

Read more about our values and off grid living.

We offer A-Frame cabins and a yurt. If you’re interest in putting up a tent or do wild camping, get in touch with us.


Masia Piu is surrounded by vineyards, located in the beautiful mountains of the the famous wine area Penedés, Catalunya Spain. It’s situated on a hill 600 meters high and has great views over the valley.

The authentic village Pla de Manlleu is located 90km from Barcelona and takes around an hour to get there. From the village you will arrive at Masia Piu following a 1 km unpaved road. Just follow the signs.