piu nomads

working in paradise

We are heading towards a future where employees of the digitalized world will escape the current civil ratrace and land down in peaceful areas in contact with nature. Masia Piu is such an area from where remote workers, digital and artistic nomads can re-connect, re-charge and change the world.

A great idea might come from anywhere,  it needs the right place to grow and evolve to it’s fullest potential.

With the present working landscape where all is being done by video calls, location is not important anymore. You can cut cost on how you live and go everywhere. You are not restricted anymore to a location. Even the kids can do their online classes and enjoy nature afterwards. Drop your E-waste, empty your brain and charge the battery with an evening walk or a good healthy dinner. 

We are always seeking for exchange and collaboration. Connecting people and communities to work together will strengthen the network and push the implementation of sustainable solutions. We expand our network with people with the right mindset.


Communities are everything. Wether it’s your family and friends or work related. We combine these two at Masia Piu. We create a community of like-minded people who can share a laugh, work together and enjoy nature together. We aim that people who leave Masia Piu will not only be less stressed and reconnected, but will also have a good kick-starter for future projects and a larger network in professional and social matters.