Masia Piu


The welcome and reception will be by Grandpa’s family. In the new stands of the old winery we will make a historical explanation of the winery, the family and the environment (the abandoned village of Selma, the Templars, the Cistercian route, the monastery…) while we enjoy a glass of our sparkling Còdols.
We will take a walk through the vineyards where we will explain the tasks in an ecological and sustainable way that we carry out according to the season and we will enjoy the wonderful landscape that surrounds them, drinking the Bermell wine with a table of sausages of the Zone +500 in the middle of the vineyards.
We will return to the cellar-museum to discover its corners and exposed historical tools, and in one of its corners we will find another good wine to taste, the Nou de +500, this time accompanied with a cheese board and surrounded by old barrels used by the “Avi” of the house.