Masia Piu


The famous Pont del Diable is a fragment of a long canalization to bring water to Tarragona from the Francolí river. The water is collected in the Rourell area, 92 meters above sea level, and is conducted for more than ten kilometers through various pipes and aqueducts.

It is about 217 meters long, a maximum of 27 meters high and almost 2 meters wide. The upper course has 25 arches and the lower 11, with 5.90 meters of light. It was built in the 1st century with large dry-laid ashlars, which form a double line of arches.

Of Roman origin, it was part of the Via Augusta, being built around 10 B.C.

The abutments of the bridge are preserved from Roman times, with inscriptions from the legions that worked and an honorary triumphal arch on the left bank, probably from the 2nd century.

Until the 14th century it was the only bridge in the lower Llobregat valley.