Masia Piu


Get ready for a true tasty catalán tradition! The calçotada is a gastronomic event celebrated in Catalonia. Having originated in Valls, Alto Campo, in the province of Tarragona, the event soon expanded into the other provinces of Spain.

The calçot is a green onion from Lleida, Catalonia. This type of onion is milder and less bulbous than the regular onion. The white part of the calçot can be 15cm to 25cm long, with a diameter between 1.7cm and 2.5cm.

The young stems are consumed and can be done between late winter and early spring. The calçot forms the basis of the popular calçotades that are celebrated in Catalonia, which have become a festival in which they are eaten roasted preferably with “redoltes de ceps” (vine shoots) and have to be made on the living flame.

The calcots are winter vegetables. They start getting sold from January the 6th, after kings day. You will find them out all over Catalunya until late spring!

There are several restaurant in our area where you can try this delicious specialty.